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Today is release day for Savage Tide across Australia and New Zealand. I’m not that excited, I’ve only been up since 4 am, drunk three cups of coffee, written ten or so emails and a few Facebook posts. Today is the culmination of years of hard work, when my novel rolls out of the warehouse, goes out into an increasingly tough market, where it has to stand on its own feet and get people to read and buy on its merits. No one owes me any favours and just because I want to write does not mean that society owes me a living. I have to earn it.

Reviewers are saying: “I absolutely loved this book!” “Unsettling and thought-provoking from the outset – Savage Tide is a gripping read.” “Once I started reading it was impossible to put down.” and “(Savage
Tide) is an action packed thriller and I couldn’t put it down!”
Get it at your local book shop and leading department stores.
If you can’t get to a book shop buy it online in print or ebook from Booktopia:
or Angus and Robertson:

The Savage Tide ebook is available from Amazon:

OR Google:

OR iBookstore:

Marika Hartmann, an intelligence officer for a shadowy subdivision of MI6, captures an extremist foot-soldier guilty of a massacre of school children and aid workers in Southern Somalia. Renditioned to a CIA ‘black site’ in Djibouti, the prisoner hints at a devastating terror plot in the making, led by a ruthless doctor known as the Hourglass.

Marika and her ex-special forces colleague PJ Johnson team up to investigate, uncovering a cold-blooded conspiracy to decimate the cities of the West. But the enemy is always one step ahead – is there a traitor at the very heart of MI6?

From the refugee camps of East Africa to the azure waters off the Iranian coast, the marshes of Iraq to Syria’s parched Eastern desert, Savage Tide is a manhunt, a quest for truth, and a desperate search for the legacy of a cruel regime bent on dominating the world.

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