This is Mark Prendergast, owner of Prendergast Transport based in Creswick, Victoria. A friend of mine in Bendigo lent Mark a copy of Rotten Gods last year and rang to tell me how much he loved it. When I was there last weekend I got to meet Mark, and sign a copy of Savage Tide for he and his wife Gabby.
Mark, also known as Sparky, told me that he’s such a big reader, having to drive trucks all day without reading used to frustrate him until he discovered audio books. He now not only listens to them himself while he’s on the road, but buys a variety of titles and distributes them to the drivers of his entire fleet of trucks.
All are now all eager audio book listeners. Mark reckons audio books help keep drivers alert, focussed and happy. The only problem he says that sometimes they get to the depot, and just stay in the cab, unable to leave until they finish the chapter. That, it seems to me, is just fantastic.

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