Sailing the world seemed like an idyllic lifestyle change for ex-model Victoria and her husband Peter Holt-Bennett. That was before they discovered the realities of seasickness, sandflies, isolation and desperate pirates off the west coast of Africa.

Half-starved, AK47 toting gunmen, led by a soldier of fortune called Drake, board their luxury catamaran off the coast of Guinea. Terrorised and violated, the hostages must attempt to raise five million dollars to save themselves, and their four year old child.

While their lives hang in the balance, a team of crack 2CG operatives, led by Marika Hartmann, launch a do or die mission to save them. But Drake is more than he seems, and the stakes are higher than anyone could have imagined. Battling against modern weapons coupled with malicious stone-age beliefs, Marika will match wits with a man who appears to anticipate her every step.

VOODOO DAWN will be released globally this Saturday March 1 by HarperCollins Books Australia. Preorder at:

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