Acknowledgements and Thanks

Acknowledgements and Thanks

With the release of Lethal Sky just one week away, I thought I’d take the opportunity to thank all those who helped with research along the way.

David Andresen was kind enough to take me on a tour of the microbiology lab at St Vincents Hospital, explaining the operation of equipment from Maldi-TOF machines to spore cracking robots. John Carroll made sure I didn’t make any errors in the handling of powerful road bikes. Michael Garrett advised me on HyperSpectral imaging and aeronautical engineering. Former US Special Forces operative, call sign: ‘BlackSheep,’ read my manuscript to check for realism and accuracy, he will also launch Lethal Sky at Gleebooks on July 5. A very special thank you to Kelly Inglis, Author for her help with the microbiology background detail in the book. Kelly took valuable time away from her job as a lecturer and her own writing to make suggestions and explain scientific concepts. She read certain sections several times, followed by the entire manuscript. Thanks so much. Chris Morgan from our water police helped with suggesting a suitable police boat to be seen on Sydney Harbour. Shannon Ward helped enormously with details about light plane operation and was also brave enough to give me lessons. Michelle Garrett helped out with some French translations.

Thanks to all of you. Lethal Sky is a far better book because of your input.

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