As I continue working on the new book, it’s looking increasingly likely that it won’t be ready for publication in 2015. So, after three consecutive rounds of July launch parties, this one will be quiet. I just don’t think there’s time now for the manuscript to be finished, accepted, edited etc, and to be honest I’d rather have the opportunity to make this next book everything I want it to be without deadlines.

The thing is, after three (and a half) thrillers, my plan is to shift from genre fiction into the mainstream, still page-turners, but with a particular focus on Australian readers. The next book is set mainly in Australia’s Top End, where I lived for many years, partly in the United States and Korea.

This new book is not contracted to HarperCollins, and I’ve made a departure from the other books, so they’re not obliged to publish it. They’ll have first read, of course, and I hope they love it and want to publish it. If not, then I know it will find the right outlet. I’ve become a fatalist about this kind of thing. If the market is there, someone will want to publish it. If not, it has no business being published in the first place.

Cross your fingers for some good news in the future!

Greg Barron


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  1. I love your relaxed attitude Greg. It’s the only way to fly.
    BTW. I loved the way my last order was hand delivered…. by a fishing mate “We were out fishing this morning and Greg asked me to drop this off.” and then a little voice carried from the car “See I told you it was Amy’s Grandma.”
    It is a small small world.

    1. Mark told me the story, Stella, and I thought it was hilarious too. Yes, I love my fishing, and writing, and at the moment I’m working a day job as well, but somehow that all goes into the mix. Thanks for saying hi! Greg

  2. Disagree. You are a PUBLISHED AUTHOR now and have a readership following for starters even if your new book is a ‘departure’ from the others. Get on the band wagon and get into INDIE publishing if no one ‘wants to publish it’ !! It is OUR TIME and there has never been a time for writers like this new age of Indie writing. There’s enough readers in this World and enough electronic devices for people to demand and soak up good writing (and bad writing if that is their want). Stop saying things like ‘if no one wants to publish it, then it is not worth publishing’ because that is BS and you discourage a lot of budding authors from doing something they love (ie writing) and having a go at Indie publishing. Remember 50 Shades of Grey started out as an indie book and now it is a movie !! GOOD LUCK GREG. Love your work !!

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