With a finished draft of my new novel Time of Thunder, mainly set in the Northern Territory, currently being read by publishers, I’m about to get stuck into the next one.

This, my Portuguese-Australian novel, set partly in medieval Portugal and partly in Northern Australia, has been rattling around in my head and on computer hard drives for almost a decade. I’ve done countless hours of research, and written hundreds of thousands of words of unfinished drafts, and now I’m going to get it right.

So what better way to kick start this project with a visit to Notorious, the recreation of a 1480s Portuguese caravel, that was berthed at Coffs Harbour Marina today? The 17.5 metre vessel was lovingly crafted by Graeme Wylie over 11 years, all from reclaimed Monterey cypress and you can almost see how his sweat has infused the wood. What an amazing, informative and inspiring, labour of love! Check out the page to follow ‘notorious’ on its travels.

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