If you’re anywhere near Goulburn this Saturday afternoon I’d love to see you at the SPYfest Writer’s Forum.

Six of Australia’s best writers take part in the inaugural Spyfest Festival held in Goulburn over the weekend September 25 – 27.  More info at: http://www.spyfestgoulburn.com.au

The Spyfest writers forum will occur at the historic Goulburn Club next to the city’s beautiful Belmore Park on saturday afternoon September 26 from 1.30pm and will be a presentation from six authors covering a range of styles in the area of espionage, mystery and crime.

Authors include:

Lynette Silver and Derek Emerson-Elliot, authors of ‘In The Mouth of the Tiger’, a novel that is very personal to authors Derek Emerson -Elliott and military historian Lynette Silver. It is based on real people and events and the central character is based on Derek’s own father, Denis Emerson-Elliott, who worked for British intelligence before, during and after the Second World War. He is also the MI6 spy that Lynette Silver met on Central Railway station in Sydney, one wet winter’s day in 1996 and is referred to in her book Deadly Secrets. 

Greg Barron, the author of Rotten Gods, Savage Tide, Lethal Sky and the short thriller, Voodoo Dawn. His spy/thriller trilogy Rotten Gods, Savage Tide & Lethal Sky were all Australian best sellers for Harper Collins.

Chris Allen, a former paratrooper, Chris served in three Commonwealth armies across two decades and four continents. Chris Allen writes escapist action thrillers for realists, having seen and done it all. He is the autor of the Intrepid Series, Defender, Hunter and Avenger.

Scott Baker is a writer and film-maker who has recently returned from middle-earth, working with Peter Jackson on his epic trilogy – ‘The Hobbit’. ‘The Rule of Knowlege’ is Scott’s first novel. He is currently working on the development of two new feature films and his second novel.

Rachel Amphlett is an international thriller and suspense author of several novels including White Gold, Under Fire, Before Nightfall and Mistake Creek.

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  1. I met Greg at Spyfest in Goulburn last Saturday, and bought his book ‘Rotten Gods’, which I am now reading. Only started but certainly looks as if I ‘m in for an exciting ride… A brilliant concept, Greg, and the characters I have met so far are very, very vividly drawn.

    1. Thanks Derek,
      It was nice to meet you and hear you speak. You certainly had an interesting upbringing! It was also good to buy each other’s books. To me it’s a sign of respect for writers to do so. I’ll let you know my thoughts when I’ve read yours.

      1. I read Rotten Gods in less than a week – which is something of a record for me. It is a powerful story, with more than one message buried deep in the drama. On the surface, it is an action-packed ripping yarn of a tale. But I think it is a lot more than that. I see it as a lesson in objectivity: you see both sides of the story and can understand the frustration and motivations that drives some people to do terrible things.
        And ‘right’ is certainly not the prerogative of only one side. Both sides in the ‘war on terror’ use rhetoric to justify the sometimes dreadful means with which they seek their ends.
        I believe that the Gods must at times wring their hands in anguish at the terrible things being done in their name.
        Well done, Greg!

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