The tragedy of the civil war in Syria brought home browsing Google Maps footage of the city of Aleppo. Suburb after suburb of ruined houses. A quarter of a million dead, millions in camps and a million more in foreign countries seeking new homes. Have we done enough? Can we do more?

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  1. We are so detached from the reality of what is happening in Syria. It is like an interactive game to us. Television has made us into unfeeling plastic aliens.
    This happens to OTHER people it does not happen to US. We are safe and snug. We can turn off the TV any time and scream at the kids.
    But these are real people in the cold and wet living with their babies in damp dangerous and plague like conditions. As part of the human race we must do Something.
    I can’t perform marvels like heroine Marika. I can and do use words to bring awareness and prompt your consciousness to offer just a hand across the oceans.

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