Not that I am a complete introvert or anything, but I’m starting to get butterflies over my first ever panel chair at a writers’ festival. I’ll be sitting down with four amazing writers and asking them, “Why is fiction so hard to write? Or is it?”

The panel is made up of:

1)      Mark Dapin, journalist and author of a number of books, including the excellent R&R, set in Vung Tau during the Vietnam War.

2)      Debra Oswald, head writer of the tv series Offspring and novelist. Her latest book Useful is both hilarious and has some of the most real characters you’ll ever meet in a book.

3)      Jane Messer writes short stories, radio plays and novels, the most recent of which is the fabulous Hopscotch. She is also the Director of the postgraduate Creative Writing program at Macquarie University

4)      Graham Potts is a serving member of the Royal Australian Air Force and has just released a cracker of an international/ action/political thriller.

Come and join us at the Bellingen Readers and Writers Festival, Saturday June 11th, 2.15 pm in the atmospheric Memorial Hall.

For more details check out:

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