The Hammer of Ramenskoye

With Moscow in lock-down over a Chechen terror threat, FSB agent Alessandro Karsyov and his partner Ira dream of being at the forefront of the action. Instead they are sent to a dreary apartment block in the Kapotnya district to investigate an elderly woman’s complaint that a group of men in a nearby room threatened her.

Within minutes of their arrival, however, one member of the team has been gunned down, and Alessandro and Ira alone hold the key to stopping a devastating attack. The only chance for Moscow is a desperate race across the city, and a contest requiring unimaginable strength and endurance. Can Alessandro prove himself to Ira and save his city?

Praise for Greg Barron’s novels:

‘Combines the very best of a thriller by Tom Clancy with the Boys’ Own action blockbuster of someone like Chris Ryan. The speed of the action is matched only by the sophistication of the prose and the originality of the plot. Greg Barron has proved he is a political thriller writer at the very top of his game.’ ABC Radio Weekend Bookworm

‘A high-octane thriller … the pace is excellent, the writing is sharp and Barron has a real talent for the evocation of place … sufficiently gripping to keep you up at night’ The Australian Newspaper

‘Barron echoes the work of authors such as MacLean, Clancy and Ludlum’ Canberra Times

‘Barron is not one to pull his punches’ Brisbane Courier-Mail



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