List of Main Characters – Rotten Gods

Dr Ali Khalid Abukar – Humanitarian turned terrorist

Marika Hartmann – Australian Military Intelligence Officer working for UN

Isabella Thompson – Parliamentary Under-Secretary, British Foreign and Commonwealth Office

Abdullah bin al-Rhoumi – Head of Security, GDOIS, Dubai Police

Zhyogal – Member of African  Salafi  terror group. Has also used name  Rami

Simon Thompson – Pilot, British Airways. Husband of Isabella

Frances,  aged 14 – Elder daughter of Isabella and Simon

Hannah, aged 11 – Sister to Frances

Kelly – Nanny to the two girls

 Madoowbe – From Security Force. Somali.

Sufia Haweeya – Wife of Dr Abukar

Tom Mossel – Director of DRFS, British Intelligence

P.J. Johnson – Special Forces, British Army

Jafar  Zartosht – Terrorist in Dubai lock-down

Faruq Nabighah – Dubai tunnel borer

Dalmar Asad – Somali Warlord

Captain Wanami – Works for Dalmar Asad          

Captain Marshall – Captain of warship HMS  Durham

Saif al-Din – Friend of  Zhyogal, and  in charge of kidnapped  girls.    

(Thanks to FB and RB for this)

Click this link for a printable version: List of Main Characters

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